How to lose weight on belly and hips without dieting, for 5 days

Most women are faced with the problem of excess weight, when you lose weight does not work. The most "popular" problem of the women is considered the belly and hips. The abdomen can be considered a kind of "indicator", so many and interested in the question of how to lose weight on belly and hips? In addition to a balanced diet, it is necessary to pay attention to regular exercise, morning exercise, intake of a sufficient amount of water per day and the use of different cosmetic procedures.


A comprehensive approach to this problem allow you to lose weight and get rid of cellulite on the abdomen and flanks. This article will help you understand all the nuances of home weight loss. You will be able to find out – what foods trigger the emergence of fat accumulation on the hips and on the abdomen, and which, in turn, make the abdomen flat and fit. Complex of simple but effective exercises that is created for everyday use, will help you lose weight in the waist area, and pull the slack abdominal muscles.

Fractional nutrition will help you lose weight on your stomach and hips in 5 days

The easiest way to remove the stomach and hips, is to eat a fractional. Already after 2-3 days the passport will be significantly thinner. Gradually the body gets used to eating on time, small servings an empty stomach will be enough, while hand weights will quickly move downwards and the belly become less. The great advantage of this technique is that it is possible to afford any products and favorite dishes.

The basic rules of the fractional power:

  • The serving size of no more than 200 gg Even if it's watery vegetables or fruit, increase the amount of is not necessary. It is better to pre-think about food, eat a slice of meat or eggs, and add to it a coveted products.
  • Break between meals, not less than 2.5 and not more than 3.5 hours. At this time you can only drink water. Each little berry or a little peanut in a wrong time – it is a violation of the rules.
  • At night, there can not be, but it is possible no later than 3 hours before bedtime. If lights out at 23.30, the last intake of foods that you can do at 20.30. After 18.00 it is necessary to slow down the metabolism.

During the day, you need to eat a variety of foods. Despite the fact that it is allowed to practically everything, excessively greasy dishes, pickles and pastries is not worth it. Porridge, soup, meat, vegetables and fish are necessary for the normal functioning of the body, which will diet varied, hearty.

Effective exercises for a flat belly in 5 days

Get a flat belly help exercise. Let's look at some of them.

  • Rotation of the hoop – one of the most effective ways for abdominal exercises. It is better to start with a light wrap, moving gradually on hard. Practice no less than 15 minutes 2 times a day.
  • The hoop rotate in a clockwise direction, by with your feet shoulder-width apart or together and make sure, slightly bent at the knees, keep your back straight.
  • Regular jogging at a distance of 2-3 km – a good way to get rid of superfluous units
  • Workouts fitness, swimming, pilates and yoga that strengthen the abdominal muscles.
  • Constant gymnastics, which is carried out subtly: more likely to be drawn into and relax the abdomen, persistent, how much force (one approach – 8 times). Walk, the abdomen.

Useful methods to lose weight and remove the stomach will be a trip on a bicycle or classes on a stationary bike, roller skating or ice skating, slow run.

Diet for a strong half of humanity – remove beer belly

It is necessary to find for themselves the optimal diet, do not eat after 18 hours, to reduce (the horror!) the amount of beer, the mode of eating 5-6 times per day.

Diet for a flat belly allows you to:

  • protein — lean meat, eggs and fish, dairy products with low fat content;
  • complex carbohydrates – cereals and vegetables in small quantities;
  • fatty acids – vegetable oils.

Effectively eliminates abdominal salt-free diet. And of course daily exercise:

  • reduce belly — swinging muscles of the press with the supine position – 30 times;
  • deep squats – 30 times;
  • on his back, hands under your butt and start lifting my ass up, how is that possible – 30 times.

Cosmetic treatments for weight loss abdomen and hips

With regular use of masks and scrubs, which returns the skin its firmness and elasticity, you can quickly bring the figure in shape and get rid of a few inches in the waist area. Among the advantages of these procedures include that it can be easy to do yourself at home using natural ingredients.

Masks with clay for weight loss abdomen and hips


Clay with cinnamon for weight loss abdomen and hips

For the preparation of the mixture spread 100 g of powder blue clay of warm water into a homogeneous creamy porridge.

Then to it add the essential oil of orange – 3 drops and 3 tablespoons cinnamon. Mix everything well and apply to the prepared skin in problem areas.

Upon the occurrence of easy armor don't have to worry, because it manifests the effect of orange oil.

The course of this anticellulite body wraps at home is 14 procedures, carried out three times a week.

Clay with coffee for weight loss abdomen and hips

Wrap clay for weight loss perfectly combined with coffee. Grounds from insoluble in water of coffee is to be mixed with clay in equal proportions and diluted with water.

Note! Replace coffee chocolate or cocoa — the effect will be also excellent.

Clay with essential oils for weight loss abdomen and hips

You can prepare a mixture with essential oils. For this 100 gg blue clay transfering to the consistency of sour cream mineral water.

Then add 2 drops of essential oils of lemon, orange and ylang-ylang.

Note! In this recipe mineral water can successfully replace the yogurt or milk, and it is possible in some vegetable oil, heated in advance in a water bath.

It is recommended to use burdock, olive, linseed or castor. How to get rid of cellulite it is necessary to perform 15 procedures, the interval between which should be 2-3 days.

Clay with red pepper for weight loss abdomen and hips

Wraps of blue clay with red pepper for weight loss love is not much, because it causes a feeling of burning, however, exactly such a composition is one of the most effective.

You will need 4 tablespoons of powder blue clay, 1 tsp red ground pepper (spicy).

The clay is mixed with pepper in dried form, and then diluted with water to the consistency of sour cream. Keep this mixture on the body should be about half an hour.

Clay with laminaria for weight loss abdomen and hips

For another good recipe is necessary to take half a cup of powdered laminaria same amount of blue clay. The ingredients mix and add to them a little bit of heated water.

Then the mixture is left for 20 minutes. When he comes out, put half a teaspoon of lemon essential oil.

The resulting mass apply to wraps, lasting no more than 40 minutes.

Recipe with black clay for weight loss abdomen and hips

Recipe body wraps for weight loss with a black clay gives a fantastic result, and therefore enjoys great popularity.

2 tablespoons of the powder into black clay, dilute a small amount of water, then add to it a teaspoon of liquid honey and a teaspoon of the sales of mustard.

After thorough mixing, the mixture is ready for use.

Remember! Take advantage of our extremely effective and useful natural recipes body wraps with clay – and the result will amaze you. A slim figure without the excess centimeters, and orange peels is sure to delight you and amaze all around.

For the preparation of the mixture spread 100 g of powder blue clay of warm water into a homogeneous creamy porridge.

Then to it add the essential oil of orange – 3 drops and 3 tablespoons cinnamon. Mix everything well and apply to the prepared skin in problem areas.

Upon the occurrence of easy armor don't have to worry, because it manifests the effect of orange oil.

The course of this anticellulite body wraps at home is 14 procedures, carried out three times a week.


Honey wrap for weight loss abdomen and hips

Honey with laminaria for weight loss abdomen and hips

One of the most effective body wraps for weight loss belly and sides, which you can do at home. Buy this alga can be in any pharmacy. To prepare the mask simple. To the eyelashes a little swollen and turned up the volume, briefly soak it in warm water. 3-4 tablespoons of slightly damp eyelashes is a need to re-pour the water, this time hot, and wait until complete does not swell. The mixture is ready! Hold 40 minutes.

Honey with essential oils for weight loss abdomen and hips

For the creation of the mixture it is necessary to take 20 ml of oil, preferably almond or olive. It is necessary to add a few drops of any essential oil. Mix and a little warmed on a water bath, then cool slightly.

Put on the tummy and hips thin layer to about 50 minutes.

Honey with green tea for weight loss abdomen and hips

Take the dry tea and how it is necessary to cut it. It is necessary to make a tea like consistency powder. Then fill with boiling water and leave for 15 minutes. An excellent addition to this recipe — two-three drops of essential oil, preferably citrus.

Honey with coffee for weight loss abdomen and hips

The most popular and, according to reviews, the strongest recipe body wraps for weight loss stomach and hips in domestic conditions. Everything you need — three tablespoons of coffee grounds and a mug of milk. Mix one with the other, a little warmed on a water bath and treat with a thin layer to the desired area, and at the same time as her massaging. Keep the mask on the skin no more than 40 minutes. They say that the effect will be noticeable already after the first use, but that was the maximum, repeat the procedure 12 times.

Honey with chocolate for weight loss abdomen and hips

It not only saves you from the "spare" inches in the waist, but also will give the skin freshness. The recipe is simple: mix 200 g of plain soviet cocoa with two tablespoons of cream (to make you fatty!) and this from one of olive oil. Cause a thick layer to the right places and hold about 40 minutes.

Honey with clay and mustard for weight loss abdomen and hips

The clay you can take any, but the best will suit, blue, yellow, black and green. The mixture is prepared so that taking three tablespoons of clay and one — ordinary mustard. The bazaar and pour warm water. Everything we dilute the essential oils: three drops of orange and two peppermint. The consistency of the finished mixture — about like yogurt. Apply on the abdomen and hips and hold for about half an hour.

Mustard wrap for weight loss abdomen and hips


Used dry mustard (2 tbsp.) and mix with sugar (2 tsp), we list wine vinegar (0.5 hr.). Added a little warm water, whereupon the mixture is left exactly on the day. After 24 hours is introduced a little honey and everything well mixed. The composition is applied to the skin, the torso wrap with cling film (preferably in several layers), later 40 minutes to wash off warm water.

If it will be warm, but starts to heavily burn, it is necessary to immediately wash off the agent from the skin. Make the procedure proved to be most effective, it is necessary first to take shower, handle skin scrub, pay special attention to problem areas. It is useful to use body wraps with laminaria, which helps to remove fatty deposits and effectively tighten the skin, get rid of the problem of cellulite.

Running for quick weight loss abdomen and hips

If you have problems with being overweight and you need to quickly get rid of, it is recommended to regularly run. You can get involved in the gym on the simulator, so even in nature. The second option is preferable, because the fresh air is very useful for the organism, and also helps to speed up metabolism.

The most important thing – it is the right and gradually accustom your body to physical stress, otherwise there is a risk of getting seriously injured, and the exercise will have to be postponed. For beginners it is an ideal choice will be jogging for short distances, the duration of which is about 10-20 minutes, but no more.

In that case, when the physical burden he bore very heavily, it is recommended to start to engage with a sports walk. Regular exercise will help you to quickly lose weight in the waist and abdomen. Important is to gradually increase the exercise duration to 1 hour. The most effective in burning fat stores in the abdominal area, buttocks and legs begins when training takes over half an hour.

It is important to properly run, how to lose weight in the abdominal area, because of too high speed will be heavily accuse the body, and in the foreseeable future to repeat the vocation appear wish. The most effective will be the sports, played on the hilly terrain, it is also recommended to alternate the slow and the fast pace of jogging. The distance may be small.

Lose weight on belly and hips will help only the regular exercise. If you experience pain or discomfort, it is best to end the workout. For the novice athlete will be sufficient to perform 2 lessons per week, which gradually merge in the daily exercises. Thanks to this rule occurs the most easy adaptation of the weak muscles to the physical stress.

Before each run it is recommended to measure the heart rate. Also, this procedure is carried out within half an hour after exercise. It is important that during this time a pulse came in peace, in the opposite case, they will need the help of an expert.

Prior to the last race allowed a small snack – for example, a serving of salad or a glass of fruit juice. It is important that it was a complete meal. After the completion of training it is forbidden to consume food within an hour, but you need to drink water. Faster to wake up and bring the muscles in tone, in the morning it is recommended to take a contrast shower, and after training warm, to relax your body.

Jogging is recommended to perform in parks, in places situated away from the road, to breathe dust and exhaust gases. Thanks to this you'll be able to not only breathe pure oxygen, but also run on more soft coating that minimizes the likelihood of injury, in contrast to the hard asphalt.